A Schizophrenic's RealityEdit

At the beginning of the tour, Julian and Willow show obvious distrust when Julian asks her to drop the acting, thinking that Willow's sword was a prop, and Willow responds by insulting him. Julian says he didn't mean it, but is told that Willow doesn't give second chances.

Later, after hearing from Willow during the time when you told the class two things about yourself you wanted everyone to know that she had schizophrenia, Julian makes fun of her. This causes Willow to, during recess, almost hurt herself intentionally. Julian has to step in, but is hurt by the sword. Willow says she did it because two of her friends betrayed her early on, and she runs away.

Julian is seen again when Jack Will brings Willow back to the school, finding out that Willow wanted him to leave her alone, but instead he mocks her when she says that. One of Willow's allies, Riptide, comes out and almost kills Julian, but he is pulled off by Mr. Tushman. Soon afterwards, a fight erupts in the courtyard, and Willow breaks her arm because of Julian. The story shifts to Julian's point of view, and he says he is not sorry for what he did. When Willow returns to school with a metal left arm, Julian calls her a freak and Willow does indeed stab herself during English, but this is an accident as when she is leaning back she leans on the sword, which she accidentally put where she put it.

Julian apologizes and is not taken seriously until Willow is bullied by some eighth graders on a field trip. Julian aska if they could "just be friends", which causes Willow to brighten, but only because. She explains that the words "just be friends" are the opening lyrics to a Japanese song she used to listen to. She says yes anyways, and the two start a war howl, calling to the attention of a literal wolf, Amos Conti, and Summer Dawson. This is said by Amos to be a sure sign that something bad is coming because when the howl is over, Spark II (the one little snap who wants Willow to end this 'feud' between the two) comes by and sparks a swordfight Julian has to get himself involved in.