Willow Yuyand is the main protagonist of A Schizophrenic's Reality. She is, as the title suggests, the one with schizophrenia. Because of this, whenever she enters a new building, she smells Redwall food, (Great Hall cakes, to be exact.) yet knows she cannot have any.

During the tour Julian notices the sword she carries around and thinks she's acting. Willow defends herself, calling Julian a slimebrain in the process. Julian says he wasn't trying to be mean, yet receives no second chance. Later on the same slimebrain insult is made.

Julian and Willow are fighting later on and when Julian steals Willow's Sword, The Crimson Blade, he ends up breaking Willow's arm. (Julian never pays for the hospital bill!)

Willow comes back to school with a metal left arm and is called a freak by Julian Albans.

Julian apologizes yet is not taken seriously until Willow is bullied by some 8th graders.